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Hadashi Icons
barefoot icons?
21st-Jul-2009 07:28 pm - [24] SHINee icons
24 icons, mostly Onew and Minho (bias, I has it. ;;)

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25th-Jun-2009 05:02 pm - SHINee icons
+ SHINee icons (44)

; ;

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17th-Jul-2008 10:40 am - [54] SuJu icons + [1] FO banner
+ Super Junior - "Kiss the Radio" (30)
+ Eeteuk - "Love Fighter" (19)
+ misc (5)

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26th-Nov-2007 09:46 pm - DBSK + [5] wallpapers
I dunno, do more people call them 'desktops'? Cause I've always called them 'wallpapers' or 'walls'... hmmm... ;-; Anyway, I wish I still had access to Scrapbook... probably Imageshack is going to crap out on me.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
[800 x 600]

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+ SuperJunior [28]
+ DBSK [8]

Experimenting with new stuff (as I like to do). I think this set is my favorite of all I've done, I really hit a wave of inspiration and just churned all these out over the past few days. ^^ Check them out, should be interesting! Previews...

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2nd-Oct-2007 08:15 pm - [Icon Tutorial] in Paint Shop Pro
Oh man, I am posting like crazy today... but here's one more! We've never had an icon tut in this community before... let's see if anyone likes it? If you do, comment and let us know!

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