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Hadashi Icons

barefoot icons?

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welcome to hadashi icons, the icon journal of missatralissa and phasera. please feel free to join or watch this community, and we promise to try and keep your icon needs satisfied.

contact: if you wish to contact us concerning issues of credit, comments, questions, affiliation, or anything else; the best way to
reach us is through email - missapea2001[at]yahoo.com

credits: [resources post] ; layout code - passing_girl
comment. when taking something, we love to know where our icons will be calling home. we also like to know what YOU like, that way we can keep on creating the kinds of icons you all want to see.

credit. please remember to put either hadashi_icons or missatralissa/phasera in the keywords of your icon or in your userinfo. that way, if someone sees an icon we've made and they want to see more or have some for themselves, they know where to come.

* don't know how to credit?*

do not modify or change these icons unless it is stated specifically in the post that they are bases.

absolutely NO hot-linking of any icons or graphics from this journal.
fancyfancyfancy | serenemoonlight | shunao | futari_de | iconblue | iconfused | _shanghai | wonderland__ | sundaypaper__x | too_dangerous
layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide